About Iva

Iva Wilcox

Iva Wilcox makes holiday-inspired spun cotton figures and ornaments that look like a well-loved treasure. When the mood strikes, she also creates an eclectic mix of other art that may include paper mache, watercolors and mixed media. Her paintings are often depicting autumn scenes and the enchantment of Halloween. Her sculptural art celebrates the whimsy in holidays. She strives to make each piece one-of-a-kind by often incorporating antique and vintage embellishments. Follow her on Instagram to see works-in-progess and the latest coming from her studio. 

Published Work
Her articles and artwork have appeared in Somerset Studio, Holidays & Celebrations, Somerset Life, and Celebrate 365, among others, and she has been featured in newspapers, as well. In the past, she has led workshops on various techniques and original projects and enjoys sharing her love of the craft.

You can find her art at several folk art shows and a liminited number of pieces here on her website. Additionally, she is proud to work with Roger's Gardens in Orange County, California, designing original works for their Halloween boutique.

You can read more about her latest creations and upcoming events on her Facebook Art page: http://www.facebook.com/IvasCreations, or join her email list. Remember, each day is a gift.