There's still time to join the Halloween fun!

Halloween is a favorite holiday of mine and if I could, I would celebrate every last day of the month! Alas, it is not so. BUT...I have created an online art class featuring a Halloween project that will make you feel like it's Halloween every time you plug it in and light it up! It's a Halloween Witch Lighted Theater class at ArtfulGathering.com. And there's still time to register!

The class features seven videos that you can watch 24/7, any day, all day, until August 26. I show you how to create a lighted theater complete with a witch, black cats, rickety fence, spooky tree and autumn leaves. The best part is you can learn the techniques and create lighted theaters for your personal use with any theme!

Join us in the haunted house and let's celebrate Halloween! Don't forget to register!!


Getting Ready for Fairies

June 6 is almost here, but you still have two weeks beyond that date to join me for my online Woodland Fairy Lighted Theater Class at ArtfulGathering.com!  

I make it easy by selling the light kit, on Etsy. You simply supply the recycled cardboard container, scrapbook paper, and trims! You probably have all the supplies in your art stash! Join me for a unique class, and we'll have some fun!!

Don't forget to head to ArtfulGathering.com to register. "See" you there!


Announcing my Halloween Witch Lighted Theater Workshop

I just love Halloween, so of course when asked to teach at ArtfulGathering.com this summer, I had to create a workshop that celebrates that last day of October. So, I am excited to present my second online workshop at Artful Gathering.com: Halloween Witch Lighted Theater, July 16 - August 26. But you have to register through ArtfulGathering.com. What's that you ask? 

There are more than 20 teachers providing online instruction on a variety of art projects and techniques. They are only offered online via the ArtfulGathering website, so you need to register to gain access to the catalog of classes offered.

The neat part about my Halloween project is that you learn to use recycled items to create a one-of-a-kind piece! Plus, if you don't have a vintage porcelain china head from a long ago doll, I show you how to create the project by switching out the head with a vintage photograph or an illustration of a smiling witch. 

I think the best part though is that you can learn the step-by-step process from the comfort of your home...maybe even in your jammies while sipping your morning coffee!! Or...for you night owls, you can learn while sipping wine in your jammies! 

I hope you join me for either of my two online lighted theater workshops being offered this summer, June 6 - July 17 and then July 16 - August 26.

Head on over to ArtfulGathering.com for registration and information. 

See you in class!


Hunting for Treasure with Sherlock Holmes

In the words of Mr. Sherlock Holmes,

"The Game's Afoot!"

Sherlock Holmes was quoting Shakespeare when he said it. 
The word "game" means "a diversion, pastime, or amusement; or a form of mental or physical competitive play, governed by specific rules and testing the skill, endurance, or luck of the participants."

I think that fits the Artful Gathering Treasure Hunt perfectly, don't you? Haven't heard of it? Well, head to ArtfulGathering.com, you'll find all the rules AND all the great prizes that we teachers have offered up for grabs! You just need to put on your best Sherlock Holmes hat and find all the clues, one of which is on this very blog!  It's easy and there are so many prizes!

I'm giving away goodies for my online class, a Woodland Fairy Lighted Theater, running June 6 - July 17, 2014.

And if you love Halloween, you won't want to miss my Halloween Witch Lighted Theater online class, which is during session two, July 16 - August 26. Just in time to get in the fall spirit! Here's a sneak peek:


So grab your magnifying glasses, poke around my blog and find the clue. Don't forget to read the directions and visit the other teachers' blogs listed at ArtfulGathering.com to find all the clues. Take a cue from one of my favorite TV series, "Elementary," on CBS. Your skills at deduction will surely improve!

Happy Hunting!


Learn How to Make A Lighted Theater This Summer!

Treat Yourself This Summer!
I will be teaching two sessions this summer, the first being a magical Woodland Fairy Lighted Theater. You will learn how to turn ordinary recycled objects into an imaginary world, where colorful birds carry crowned fairies through the forest to an enchanted castle.  The fun will be learning to assemble a low-voltage plug-in lamp to light up every detail. Register today at ArtfulGathering.com!
Stay tuned as I reveal my second session class: A Halloween Witch Lighted Theater. Don't forget to become a follower of my blog for all the latest details! See the box in the right column. Happy Spring!


Fantastical Creatures in Carved Wood

We took a drive south on A1A Beach Boulevard and headed to a casual lunch of smoked barbecue. Captain D's in Palm Coast overlooks the intercoastal waterway and is such a relaxing spot with oak trees stretching their limbs towards the water. On the way back, we stopped at the Baliker Gallery. It is an awe-inspiring yard full of fantastical creatures and real ones all carved out of cypress stumps found on an island off the Gulf Coast. What the artist does with his carvings is just amazing! See for yourself. The on below on the left has all sorts of sea creatures in it. Look closeley and you'll find an eel, giant octopus, dolphin, fish, stingray, sea turtle and more! Click on the photos for a larger view!

Here he is working on a Saturday and carving away! Hope you enjoy a little adventure this weekend!