Hunting for Treasure with Sherlock Holmes

In the words of Mr. Sherlock Holmes,

"The Game's Afoot!"

Sherlock Holmes was quoting Shakespeare when he said it. 
The word "game" means "a diversion, pastime, or amusement; or a form of mental or physical competitive play, governed by specific rules and testing the skill, endurance, or luck of the participants."

I think that fits the Artful Gathering Treasure Hunt perfectly, don't you? Haven't heard of it? Well, head to, you'll find all the rules AND all the great prizes that we teachers have offered up for grabs! You just need to put on your best Sherlock Holmes hat and find all the clues, one of which is on this very blog!  It's easy and there are so many prizes!

I'm giving away goodies for my online class, a Woodland Fairy Lighted Theater, running June 6 - July 17, 2014.

And if you love Halloween, you won't want to miss my Halloween Witch Lighted Theater online class, which is during session two, July 16 - August 26. Just in time to get in the fall spirit! Here's a sneak peek:


So grab your magnifying glasses, poke around my blog and find the clue. Don't forget to read the directions and visit the other teachers' blogs listed at to find all the clues. Take a cue from one of my favorite TV series, "Elementary," on CBS. Your skills at deduction will surely improve!

Happy Hunting!