Announcing my Halloween Witch Lighted Theater Workshop

I just love Halloween, so of course when asked to teach at this summer, I had to create a workshop that celebrates that last day of October. So, I am excited to present my second online workshop at Artful Halloween Witch Lighted Theater, July 16 - August 26. But you have to register through What's that you ask? 

There are more than 20 teachers providing online instruction on a variety of art projects and techniques. They are only offered online via the ArtfulGathering website, so you need to register to gain access to the catalog of classes offered.

The neat part about my Halloween project is that you learn to use recycled items to create a one-of-a-kind piece! Plus, if you don't have a vintage porcelain china head from a long ago doll, I show you how to create the project by switching out the head with a vintage photograph or an illustration of a smiling witch. 

I think the best part though is that you can learn the step-by-step process from the comfort of your home...maybe even in your jammies while sipping your morning coffee!! Or...for you night owls, you can learn while sipping wine in your jammies! 

I hope you join me for either of my two online lighted theater workshops being offered this summer, June 6 - July 17 and then July 16 - August 26.

Head on over to for registration and information. 

See you in class!